Wax on, Wax off!

Posted on 17 April, 2015 at 5:40 Comments comments (238)

With the sun most definately making an appearence this week in bonny St Andrews and some of the guys and girls in the salon either prepping or returning from sun holidays, talk has turned to the pros and cons of waxing! In particular waxing of the Bikini Line! 

Listening to the girls chatting I heard some real horror stories about previous wax treatments, which is why I decided to bust some myths and ease some minds on the process of waxing the most intimate of areas!

But Waxing is painful!

Well duh! of course its going to be a bit sorer than shaving! The hair is being pulled out by the root as opposed to being cut at the level of the skin. What this means however is that you get a longer hair free time and no itchy regrowth! And lets face it noone wants an itch 'down there'!!! The good news is that waxing has come along wax from when I first started and the new wax systems, pre wax oils and after wax treatments really do mean you get the most painless treatment as it can possibly be! Yay! One word of warning, should a therapist come towards you with strip wax (where they use a paper or fabric strip to remove the wax) RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!! The only wax you want used on your bikini line is hot wax which hardens on the skin!

I want it all off, is that more painful than your basic bikini wax?

This is a tricky question to answer as the body is an amazing thing. However, natural pain relief is released in the body meaning that any pain you feel from a Basic Bikini wax will be the same for a Hollywood.

So what is Hot Wax?

Hot wax is a peelable wax that hardens as it dries. Waxperts Hot Wax (wax of choice at The Vintage Beauty Box) has a lower melting point meaning less redness  and pain for the client! Used alongside the Waxperts Pre Wax Oil and After Wax oil it reduces inflammation and discomfort during and after the treatment! Happy days! Waxperst Hot Wax is the ONLY wax we use to treat the delicate Bikini area.

But do I have to remove my underwear?

Would you go to the hairdressers and ask them to cut your hair with a hat on??? Yes for the specialist Brazilian and Hollywood waxing you do need to remove your underwear. There are 3 reasons for this 1: for a Brazillian it means we can ensure a non squint landing strip! 2: your undies dont get any wax on them and 3: for a Hollywood we can make sure every last hair is removed!  Remember your therapist will have done millions of these waxes and will have seen it all before! So please dont panic or be embarassed!

Ok, so how long will it last?

For first timers I would schedule a follow up appointment at 4weeks but the good news is the more you wax the weaker the hair becomes so you get longer our of your treatment! Hair needs to be roughly 1cm long to get a good clean wax. 

I hope this has answered some questions for you all. As I have said already, your therapist has seen it all before and will aim to ensure you have the least painful treatment possible!

So now you know you want to wax, here is a wee descriptor on the styles!