At the Vintage Beauty Box our brands represent our passion for providing the best for our clients. Each product has been carefully researched and selected to enhance the in salon experience and to work alongside each other. The Vintage Beauty Box team have tried and tested the products plus attended professional training courses to ensure the best recommendations for the client.

Beauty Food Supplements

We believe skincare should start with our nutrition and that is why we are proud to stock not one but 2 brands of Beauty Food Supplements.

The Advanced Nutrition program has a variety of products designed to enhance the skin from within. Each product is carefully researched and contains optimum amounts of nutrients to achieve real results for clients.

Our second Beauty Food Supplement this is a tasty collagen boosting drink. Suitable for anyone concerned with ageing it has proven visible differences in the skin after just 30 days.

Skin Care

We believe in stocking products we know and trust and that is why we only currently stock Environ Skincare. While many skin care products smell nice and give a pamper effect we know they cannot treat the deeper layers of the skin where our concerns come from. Environ can! The home care products work deeper than high street products and so achieve actual results! From ageing to acne, dehydration to pigmentation Environ can assist.


Waxing made comfortable. No more the dread of booking waxing, from brows to bikini we make it as painless as possible. We utilise hot wax on delicate areas and save the strip wax for legs!

To give the choice to the client we stock two brands of wax. One for our vegan clients and one for those not following a vegan lifestyle.

A professional wax system designed by therapists to put the treat back in treatment.

Our vegan wax of choice. Created with skin health in mind alongside caring for the planet and all animals on it!


Completing our skin health brand choice we have chosen Janre Iredale as our Makeup brand.

This makeup not only gives fab coverage with vibrant shades it also looks after the skin. No nasty chemicals, fillers or synthetic dyes its makeup that cares for the skin.

Jane Iredale contains some vegan friendly products and is an advocate for greener processes.

Nail Enhancements

A staple treatment in salon we offer a range of solutions for nails. Caring for nails instead of causing damage we offer professional products supported by training.

For all our glitter and nail art needs we are proud to offer Izabelle Hammon in salon. Suitable to be used with both Calgel and Shellac. 

Calgel promotes growth and strength in the nails. It allows natural gasses to pass thorugh and out of the nail so no need to "take a break" between treatments. With up to 3 weeks wear and available in natural nail overlays or extensions they are the perfect solution to weak nails.

A brand that is renowned world wide and gives up to 2 weeks wear. It can be used alongside our clear Calgel to allow enhancements and strength to be restored to the nails.

Not everyone requires a super long lasting colour and so we offer the sister of Shellac for those clients. Vinylux is not cured under LED or UV and so can be removed with nail polish remover. Perfect for a one off colour application.

Spray Tan

We love our Spray tan as its the perfect alternative to the damaging rays of the sun and sunbeds! Vita Liberata is a non toxic tan which fades gradually without the tell tale patching that happens with some spray tans. In addition to this it works with your own skin tones so no need to panic about turning orange!